Land (23)

129.900€(978.709 kn)
Land Pašac
Land Pašac, Rijeka, 3.240m2
88.000€(663.020 kn)
Land Kraljevica
Land Kraljevica, 700m2
175.000€(1.318.506 kn)
Land Pulac
Land Pulac, Rijeka, 1.761m2
109.000€(821.241 kn)
Land Kaštel
Land Kaštel, Buje, 1.558m2
350.000€(2.637.013 kn)
Land Čambarelići
Land Čambarelići, Kršan, 43.463m2
110.000€(828.776 kn)
Land Pračana
Land Pračana, Buzet, 4.877m2 - SOLD
145.000€(1.092.477 kn)
Land Poljane
Land Poljane, Opatija - Okolica, 1.400m2
219.000€(1.650.017 kn)
Land Ičići
Land Ičići, Opatija - Okolica, 649m2
29.000€(218.495 kn)
Land Sovinjak
Land Sovinjak, Buzet, 1.628m2
69.900€(526.649 kn)
Land Šmrika
Construction land with sea view
96.000€(723.295 kn)
Land Veprinac
Terrain for a villa with a beautiful view of the whole Kvarner...
52.000€(391.785 kn)
Land Tribanj
Land Tribanj, Starigrad, 635m2
110.000€(828.776 kn)
Land Rtina
Land first row to the sea-possible construction of apartments
50.000€(376.716 kn)
Land Bunica-biličevica
Land Bunica-biličevica, Senj, 439m2
90.000€(678.089 kn)
Land Rujevica
Land Rujevica, Rijeka, 2.140m2-SOLD
170.000€(1.280.835 kn)
Land Poljane
Land Poljane, Opatija - Okolica, 1.277m2
100.000€(753.432 kn)
Land Radići
Land Radići, Sveti Lovreč, 2.400m2
199.000€(1.499.330 kn)
Land Doričići
Land Doričići, Kostrena, 1.740m2
420.000€(3.164.416 kn)
Land Novalja
Land Novalja, 3.966m2
on request
Land Križ
Land Križ, 80.000m2
250.000€(1.883.581 kn)
Land Pašman
Land Pašman, 11.000m2
230.000€(1.732.894 kn)
Land Ugljan
Land Ugljan, Preko, 1.280m2
365.000€(2.750.028 kn)
Land Vir
Land Privlaka, 2.187m2
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