Land (15)

380.000€(2.863.110 kn)
Land Ičići
Land Ičići, Opatija - Okolica, 649m2
115.000€(866.467 kn)
Land Hreljin
An excellent building plot in Hreljin with a sea view
1.215.000€(9.154.417 kn)
Land Majkusi
Land Majkusi, Višnjan, 12.000m2
216.500€(1.631.219 kn)
Land Laginji
Land Laginji, Žminj, 3.816m2
110.000€(828.795 kn)
Land Drenova
Land Drenova, Rijeka, 1.800m2
98.000€(738.381 kn)
Land Loborika
Land Loborika, Marčana, 864m2
168.000€(1.265.796 kn)
Land Pavićini
Land Pavićini, Marčana, 1.106m2
124.000€(934.278 kn)
Land Trget
Land Trget, Raša, 11.219m2
230.000€(1.732.935 kn)
Land Brnčići
Land Brnčići, Kastav, 2.106m2
229.000€(1.725.400 kn)
Land Šmrika
Land Šmrika, Kraljevica, 1.065m2
110.000€(828.795 kn)
Land Vižinada
Land Vižinada,, Istria 936m2
129.900€(978.732 kn)
Land Pašac
Land Pašac, Rijeka, 3.240m2
350.000€(2.637.075 kn)
Land Čambarelići
Land Čambarelići, Kršan, 43.463m2
420.000€(3.164.490 kn)
Land Novalja
Land Novalja, 3.966m2
on request
Land Križ
Land Križ, 80.000m2
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