Houses (83)

290.000€(2.185.005 kn)
House Brnčići
House Brnčići, Kastav, 200m2
425.000€(3.202.162 kn)
House Krimeja
House Krimeja, Rijeka, 250m2
469.000€(3.533.680 kn)
House Turnić
House Turnić, Rijeka, 390m2
770.000€(5.801.565 kn)
House Umag
House second row from the sea, 450m2
550.000€(4.143.975 kn)
House Pag
House with garden, first row to the sea
240.000€(1.808.280 kn)
House Tribunj
House with 3 apartments 50 meters from the sea
630.000€(4.746.735 kn)
House Bogovići
House with 6 apartments and 2 swimming pools, 300m from the sea
1.150.000€(8.664.675 kn)
House Cres
House Cres, 550m2
185.000€(1.393.882 kn)
House Hreljin
Semi-detached house with a view of Kvarner-SOLD
295.000€(2.222.677 kn)
House Belići
House Belići, Kastav, 270m2
1.200.000€(9.041.400 kn)
House Opatija - Centar
House Opatija - Centar, Opatija, 200m2
279.000€(2.102.125 kn)
House Rešetari
House Rešetari, Kastav, 220m2
on request
House Podkilavac
House Podkilavac, Jelenje, 164m2
310.000€(2.335.695 kn)
House Bribir
House Bribir, Vinodolska Općina, 320m2
350.000€(2.637.075 kn)
House Čambarelići
House Čambarelići, Kršan, 219m2
on request
House Jurandvor
House Jurandvor, Baška, 75m2 - SOLD
385.000€(2.900.782 kn)
House Starići
House Starići, Poreč, 232m2 - SOLD
750.000€(5.650.875 kn)
House Jurandvor
House with pool and private cinema-SOLD
260.000€(1.958.970 kn)
House Kaštel
House Kaštel, Buje, 270m2
on request
House Kostrena
House Kostrena, 396m2
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