Houses (41)

515.000€(3.880.267 kn)
House Marinići
House Marinići, Viškovo, 270m2
135.000€(1.017.157 kn)
House Drenova
House Drenova, Rijeka, 47,09m2
880.000€(6.630.360 kn)
House Dramalj
A beautiful house with a sea view
310.000€(2.335.695 kn)
House Spinčići
House Spinčići, Kastav, 379m2
990.000€(7.459.155 kn)
House Veprinac
Newer house with sea view, 455m2
1.400.000€(10.548.300 kn)
House Crikvenica
Modern house with pool and sea view
375.000€(2.825.437 kn)
House Štokovci
House Štokovci, Svetvinčenat, 130m2
1.950.000€(14.692.275 kn)
House Rovinjsko Selo
House Rovinjsko Selo, Rovinj, 550m2
220.000€(1.657.590 kn)
House Ćikovići
House Ćikovići, Kastav, 170m2
400.000€(3.013.800 kn)
House Novi Vinodolski
House with 2 separate apartments- Novi Vinodolski
160.000€(1.205.520 kn)
House Veleniki
House Veleniki, Poreč, 200m2
1.500.000€(11.301.750 kn)
House Pješčana Uvala
House Pješčana Uvala, Medulin, 497m2
775.000€(5.839.237 kn)
House Opatija - Centar
House Opatija - Centar, Opatija, 131m2
450.000€(3.390.525 kn)
House Nedešćina
House Nedešćina, Sveta Nedelja, 120m2
282.000€(2.124.729 kn)
House Prvić Šepurine
House Prvić Šepurine, Vodice, 70m2
710.000€(5.349.495 kn)
House Trsat
House Trsat, Rijeka, 300m2
295.000€(2.222.677 kn)
House Brnčići
House Brnčići, Kastav, 200m2
369.000€(2.780.230 kn)
House Turnić
House Turnić, Rijeka, 390m2
770.000€(5.801.565 kn)
House Umag
House second row from the sea, 450m2
550.000€(4.143.975 kn)
House Pag
House with garden, first row to the sea
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