140.000€(1.054.830 kn)
Apartment Krnjevo
Apartment with a beautiful view, 56 m2-SOLD
89.000€(670.570 kn)
Apartment Krnjevo
Apartment Krnjevo, Rijeka, 37m2
469.000€(3.533.680 kn)
House Turnić
House Turnić, Rijeka, 390m2
155.000€(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Gornja Vežica
Apartment Gornja Vežica, Rijeka, 68,28m2
175.000€(1.318.537 kn)
Land Triban
Land Triban, Buje, 1.765m2
770.000€(5.801.565 kn)
House Umag
House second row from the sea, 450m2
162.000€(1.220.589 kn)
Apartment Centar
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 72m2-SOLD
79.900€(602.007 kn)
Apartment Centar
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 51m2-SOLD
110.000€(828.795 kn)
Apartment Turnić
Apartment Turnić, Rijeka, Dubrovačka 2, 70m2-SOLD
82.000€(617.829 kn)
Apartment Banderovo
Apartment near the hospital and the Faculty of Medicine-SOLD
187.000€(1.408.951 kn)
Apartment Kosi
Apartment Kosi, Viškovo, 117m2
160.000€(1.205.520 kn)
Apartment Kosi
Apartment Kosi, Viškovo, 100m2-SOLD
550.000€(4.143.975 kn)
House Pag
House with garden, first row to the sea
124.000€(934.278 kn)
Apartment Drenova
Apartment Drenova, Rijeka, 67m2
115.000€(866.467 kn)
Apartment Vojak
Apartment Vojak, Rijeka, 54m2-SOLD
135.000€(1.017.157 kn)
Apartment Krimeja
Apartment Krimeja, Rijeka, 71m2-SOLD
135.000€(1.017.157 kn)
Apartment Bulevard
Apartment Bulevard, Rijeka, 56m2-SOLD
179.000€(1.348.675 kn)
Apartment Zamet
Apartment Zamet, Rijeka, 98,40m2
210.000€(1.582.245 kn)
Apartment Centar
Beautiful apartment on Korzo, 2 bedrooms + living room-SOLD
240.000€(1.808.280 kn)
House Tribunj
House 50 meters from the sea
920.000€(6.931.740 kn)
House Rovinjsko Selo
House Rovinjsko Selo, Rovinj, 250m2
213.000€(1.604.848 kn)
Apartment Saršoni
Apartment on the second floor with pool in use use
213.000€(1.604.848 kn)
Apartment Saršoni
Apartment with pool for use
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