Apartment (252)

170.000€(1.280.865 kn)
Apartment Krimeja
Apartment Krimeja, Rijeka, 68m2
190.000€(1.431.555 kn)
Apartment Krimeja
Rijeka-apartment 70m2
155.000€(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Gornja Vežica
Apartment Gornja Vežica, Rijeka, 68m2
112.000€(843.864 kn)
Apartment Turnić
Apartment Turnić, Rijeka, 50,78m2
115.000€(866.467 kn)
Apartment Centar
Rijeka-F. Račkoga, apartment 71 m2-SOLD
850€(6.404 kn)
Apartment Marčeljeva Draga
Apartment with sea view, 2 bedrooms + living room
550.000€(4.143.975 kn)
Apartment Ičići
Ičići - two-flors apartment with a sea view
490.000€(3.691.905 kn)
Apartment Tošina
Opatija-apartment 97m2+garage 19m2
160.000€(1.205.520 kn)
Apartment Kozala
Kozala-apartment with an open view of the sea
500€(3.767 kn)
Apartment Centar
Rijeka, center-apartment for rent
169.000€(1.273.330 kn)
Apartment Škurinje
Škurinje apartment - 3 bedrooms + living room, sea view-SOLD
144.400€(1.087.982 kn)
Apartment Rastočine
Apartment Rastočine, Rijeka, 74m2-SOLD
155.000€(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Potok
Apartment Potok, Rijeka, 96,04m2
169.000€(1.273.330 kn)
Apartment Srdoči
Apartment Srdoči, Rijeka, 68m2
186.000€(1.401.417 kn)
Apartment Školjić
Apartment Školjić, Rijeka, 68m2
335.000€(2.524.057 kn)
Apartment Marčeljeva Draga
Newly renovated apartment-Marčeljeva draga
185.000€(1.393.882 kn)
Apartment Krimeja
Apartment Krimeja, Rijeka, 61m2
100.000€(753.450 kn)
Apartment Crikvenica
Apartment Crikvenica-350 m from the sea
179.000€(1.348.675 kn)
Apartment Centar
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 120m2
179.000€(1.348.675 kn)
Apartment Vrutki
Apartma v Opatiji s pogledom na morje-58m2
70.000€(527.415 kn)
Apartment Sušak
Apartment Sušak, Rijeka, 37,37m2-SOLD
89.000€(670.570 kn)
Apartment Krnjevo
Apartment Krnjevo, Rijeka, 37m2-SOLD
155.000€(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Gornja Vežica
Apartment Gornja Vežica, Rijeka, 68,28m2
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